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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Library Day in the Life

Ok, moving on. After storytime we made froggy hats. About 11:30 I got to wheel my cart in the back. I had several phone messages waiting for me. Another Board memeber on CYPD (Children's and Young People's Division) of ILF (Indiana Library Federation) had called with a question. My car repair guy called with the bad news - $400 worth of fixing. Ugh! Then I made a couple of calls about cypd. I'm in charge of snacks for this conference held in Fort Wayne. I spoke to our graphic artist about an ongoing program starting in Sept. K. I. D. Z. Club (Kids In Discovery Zones). This school-age program is shared by 5 branches and the main library. Each child attending will recieve a banner to add a piece to each time they attend a program. There are 8 different topics, and they get to pick out a free paperback book! The graphic artist(which won an ALA award for kidz club last year) and I are working on posters for each branch and a brochure that covers all the zones. It's a fun program and a session of it will be availabe at CYPD, - led by librarian extraordinaire - Deb Noggle. After the phone calls I checked email, work and yahoo, and my igoogle. I had lunch from about 1:25 - 1:50 when my next program person showed up. At 2 we had Recycled Wearable Art with Jason Roberts. He brought his drill and recycled stuff, added it to my glue gun and recycled pieces and everyone went home with a gorgeous piece of art or jewelry. I'll post my Cat in the Hat necklace tomorrow. That ended at 3, I was on desk from 3-4, then caught up on email again. Entered a some info into our E-vents calendar, and tried to update my blog. On desk at 5 and just now finishing up the blog for today. We close at 6 and I have a ride to pick up my repaired car!!! Yeah.
While on desk, the tasks are answering reference questions, checking in items, checking out for patrons, making computer reservations, and trying to catch up on any other stuff while we're winding down for the day.

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