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Friday, September 21, 2007

Homeschool Fridays

Today we explored with K.I.D.Z. Club - Kids In Discovery Zones Club with P.U. What Stinks? There were funny books about all kinds of things that smell from sneakers to feet, from garbage trucks to moose and dogs. We started out with some smelly riddles. Then we tackled the stinky crossword. As kids finished the crossword, they went over to the science experiment table to the Nose Knows activity. We shared our answers and picked out our bookbags, books and buttons. For every student that attends they receive a bookbag (first time only) and a button that corresponds with the theme and a free book (thanks to Freimann/Foellinger Foundation.) After that we held a taste/smell experiment with jelly beans. Holding your nose, and chewing a jelly bean, then let go and see how you could barely tell what the flavor of the jelly bean was without your sense of smell. We discussed how smell and taste work together. And lastly we created a smelly picture with stinky stickers and markers. We had 13 kids, 6 adults and 3 younger kids that hung around for fun. KIDZ club is geared for children grade 1-5. I also do KIDZ club for the afterschool crowd once a month, too. Take a look at our pictures.

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